2016 Agenda

Over 20 speakers will address efforts toward strong authentication technology in government identity programs, including Personal Identity Verification (PIV) credentials, developments in National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC), trusted ID on the Internet and on mobile devices, developments in state and local ID, and evolving global standards.

Randy Vanderhoof, Smart Card Alliance and Richard Parris, Intercede (Platinum sponsor address)

  • Chuck Romine, Director, Information Technology Laboratory at NIST


  • Jim Quinn, Department of Homeland Security CDM Updates
  • Jim Sheire, GSA Updates on FPKI and ICAMSC

Moderator: Jeff Nigriny, CertiPath


  • Hildegard Ferraiolo, NIST
  • Bill Newhouse, NIST/National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence
  • Chi Hickey, GSA OGP Testing & ICAMSC/MTTT
  • Rob Palmer, Department of Homeland Security OCIO

  • James Walker, US Department of Treasury

Moderator: Dario Berini, NextGenID

  • Stephan Papadopulos, Triage Group – Lessons Learned/Recommendations from Real Time Physical Access Interoperability across CAC/PIV//PIV-I users
  • Speaker TBD, Department of Homeland Security – Logical access of Federal Secured Networks Using PIV-I
  • Tim Baldridge, Department of Defense – Using strong authentication for protecting DOD networks and facilities
  • Marc St Jacques, Carillon Information Security Inc – Authentication Mechanism Assurance

  • Lars Suneborn, Smart Card Alliance – Adopting Procurement Best Practices to Avoid Common Misconceptions About the Use of PIV in PACS

A select panel of government & industry leaders will discuss what is coming next for identity management and the advanced usage of multifactor authentication to enhance identity authentication and enterprise security holistically to mitigate against internal and external cyber threats.

Moderator: Tom Lockwood, NextGenID


  • Jim Quinn, Department of Homeland Security
  • Richard Parris, Intercede
  • William Edwards, United States Navy