2019 Speakers

Jordan Burris

Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Executive Office of the President, Office of Management & Budget

    Brandon Iske

    Mobile Enablement/Purebred Lead, DoD Public Key Infrastructure/Enablement | DISA

      William Windsor

      IT Program Manager, DHS

        Mark Dale

        CSCIP/G, CSEIP Senior Systems Engineer at XTec Incorporated

          Michael Kelly

          Principal Electronic Security System Technical Specialist, Parsons

            Andrew Regenscheid

            Mathematician, NIST

              Lars Suneborn

              CSCIP/G, CSEIP. Sr. Consultant, ID Technology Partners

                Jatin Deshpande

                Account Director, G+D Mobile Security

                  Negash Assefa

                  Director Of Information Technology, Maryland Motor Vehicles Administration

                    Ross Foard

                    CDM Sr. Engineer & ICAM SME, US CISA, Cybersecurity Division, DHS

                      Keith Ward

                      CEO & President, TSCP

                        Randy Vanderhoof

                        Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

                          Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze

                          Board Member and Security Task Force Chair, GlobalPlatform

                            David Temoshok

                            Senior Policy Advisor, Applied Cybersecurity, NIST IT Laboratories

                              Cindy Szayer

                              ICAM Product Manager, OIT | ISD | ICAM, USCIS, DHS

                                Suraj Sudhakaran

                                Digital Identities Program Director, Thales

                                  Ted Sobel

                                  Requirements and Capabilities Analysis, TSA

                                    Geoff Slagle

                                    Director of Identity Management, AAMVA

                                      Drew Sindlinger

                                      Intelligence & Analysis | Maritime Branch, DHS - TSA

                                        James Sheire

                                        Director, FICAM, GSA

                                          Robert Segers

                                          Information Security Architect, FAA

                                            Ted Ross

                                            CEO and Co-Founder, SpyCloud, Inc.

                                              Neville Pattinson

                                              Senior Vice President for Federal Government Sales, Thales

                                                Jeff Nigriny

                                                President, CertiPath

                                                  Will Morrison

                                                  Chair, ISC Convergence SubCmte / Co-Chair, ICAMSC PACSMod WG

                                                    Kevin Mitchell

                                                    GSA, FAS Greater Southwest Acquisition Center

                                                      Jean-Baptiste Milan

                                                      Product Marketing Manager goID, HID Global

                                                        Tom Lockwood

                                                        Strategic Initiatives/Business Development, NextGenID

                                                          Tracy Hulver

                                                          Senior Director, Digital Identity, IDEMIA

                                                            Joshua Hill

                                                            Information Security Scientist, UL

                                                              Blake Hall

                                                              CEO, ID.me

                                                                Paul Grassi

                                                                SVP of Cybersecurity, Easy Dynamics Corp

                                                                  Jasvir Gill

                                                                  CEO, Alert Enterprise

                                                                    John Fessler

                                                                    Principal Engineer, Exponent

                                                                      Hildegard Ferraiolo

                                                                      Computer Scientist, NIST

                                                                        Dr. Chris Edwards

                                                                        CTO, Intercede

                                                                          Stewart Clatterbaugh

                                                                          OIT | ISD | ICAM, USCIS, DHS

                                                                            John Bejjani

                                                                            Product Manager, Authentication, Entrust Datacard