In-depth View of New Federal Government Identity Programs with a Special Second Day Focus on Expanding the Use of Federal Identity Credentials for Physical and Logical Access

Securing Federal Identity 2018, a highly focused and high-energy event, will feature an in-depth view of the future of federal government policies and technology developments for securing  federal identity and access control of facilities and network systems. Experts from the federal government and the security industry will fill the conference agenda and exhibits area to  present and future direction of the government’s efforts to manage identities and control access across all federal agencies. Don’t miss this year’s event –  the best place to learn, communicate to and network with fellow government security industry colleagues!


Join government and security executives and industry leaders for a two-day showcase featuring comprehensive coverage of efforts toward strong authentication technology in government identity programs. Building off of 16 years of successful Secure Technology Alliance government conferences, Securing Federal Identity 2018 has an expanded, updated format, bringing together the most important developments, innovations and experts in federal identity credentialing and access security.

Official hashtag: #FedID2018


With 16 years of successful Secure Technology Alliance government conferences experience, a new refreshed two-day agenda brings together the most important developments, innovations and experts in federal identity credentialing and access security. The agenda will include senior federal government security policy and programs leaders and technology experts in keynote sessions, roundtables and panels covering these important topics:


  • Federal PIV credentials usage for two-factor authentication
  • Derived credentials for mobile identity systems and authentication
  • NIST Cybersecurity frameworks and data protection programs
  • Evolving National Cybersecurity Center of Excellence standards for cybersecurity frameworks and mobile services
  • DHS Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation ProgramGSA FICAM, Approved Products List Testing and Certification, and Acquisition Policy Updates
  • NSTIC Identity Framework and Certification Program Updates


The 2018 program has been expanded and will span two days. Day one will center on the new and revised federal cybersecurity policy issues and technology standards. Attendees will learn about security roadmap updates, progress for cloud and mobility initiatives, and receive the latest updates from GSA and NIST on policy and standards initiatives. Day two will focus on current federal identity credentialing and access management progress and status for federal programs. the progress in multi-factor authentication and authorization activities, and lessons learned in the expanded use of PIV and PIV-I cards and mobile credentials both the physical and logical.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018 Agenda

7:30 – 8:30


Coffee and pastries

8:30 – 8:45

Welcome and Agenda Review – Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

8:45 – 9:15

Keynote: Update on Federal Identity Management and Security Policy – Suzette Kent, Federal Chief information Officer, Office of Management and Budget

9:15 – 9:45

Keynote: Update on Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management – Jim Sheire, Director of FICAM, GSA Office of Government-wide Policy

9:45 – 10:15

Keynote: Update on Cyber Security Research – Anil John, Cyber Security R&D Program Manager, Science and Technology Directorate, US Department of Homeland Security

10:15 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:15

Keynote Roundtable: Federal Identity and Security Call to Action Roundtable – the role that government IT leaders (CIOs) and Physical Security Officers PSOs have in coordinating the implementation of federal identity management and access security

Moderator: Jeff Nigriny, President, Certipath

Speakers:  Jordan Burris, OMB, Executive Office of the President (invited); Christine Finnelle, Deputy Assistant Director, United States Marshall’s Service; Omar Chavez, Chief, Office of Security Systems, United States Marshal’s Service

12:15 – 1:30


1:30 – 2:45

Federal Agency Choices for Multifactor Authentication Alternatives

  • FIDO Authentication Solutions for Government Services – Paul Grassi, Easy Dynamic Corporation
  • – Public Secure Access to Government Services – Joel Minton, Executive Director, 
  • Department of Defense Search for New Authentication Options Aligned with SP800-63-3 – Col. Tom Clancy, Office of the Secretary of Defense’s Deputy CIO for Cybersecurity

2:45 – 3:30


3:30 – 4:30

Opportunities for Innovation Under the New Digital Identity Guidelines

Moderator: Thomas Lockwood, Business Development, NextGenID

  • Clarification of SP800-63 Policy and Technology Issues  – Kevin Stine, NIST
  • Innovation Involving Identity Proofing under SP800-63 – Judith Spencer, Certipath
  • Making Identity Indisputable: Confronting Imitation with Trusted Verification – Judy Keator, SecureKey

4:30 – 5:30

Managing Mobile and Cloud Identity Credentials

Moderator: Cathy Medich, Director, Strategic Programs, Secure Technology Alliance

  • NIST Mobile Derived Credentials Standards – Hildegard Ferraiolo, Computer Scientist, NIST
  • Mobile and Cloud Identity Programs –  How Trusted Communities May Benefit Citizens  Bassam Al-Khalidi, Co-CEO and Principal Consultant, Axiad IDS; Damon Becknel, CISO, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
  • State-issued Mobile Drivers Licenses – Ian Grossman, Vice President of Membership Services and Public Affairs, AAMVA

5:30 – 7:00

Secure Technology Alliance Award Ceremony and Networking Reception

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

7:30 – 8:30


Coffee and pastries

8:30 – 8:45

Welcome and Day 2 Agenda Review – Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

8:45 – 10:15

Updating the Federal Identity Landscape

Moderator: Randy Vanderhoof, Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

  • EOP Update on Federal identity Policy – Jordan Burris, Senior Cybersecurity Advisor, Executive Office of the President (invited)
  • Update on NIST Special Publication 116, Recommendations for the Use of PIV Credentials in PACS – Hildegard Ferraiolo, Computer Scientist, NIST
  • USAccess Program – Expanding Shared Services Beyond PIV – Darlene Gore, GSA

10:15 – 11:00


11:00 – 12:15

Federal PACs and LACs Program Implementation

Moderator: Lars Suneborn, Director Training Programs, Secure Technology Alliance

  • Interagency Security Committee (ISC) Guidance for Electronic PACS in Federal Facilities – Will Morrison, FAA & Chair of the ISC’s Convergence Subcommittee
  • Enabling CDM for Physical Access Security – Mark Steffler, HID Global
  • TWIC and Ten Years of Issuance.  What is Next – Drew Sindlinger, DHS – TSA

12:15 – 1:30


1:30 – 2:45

Mobile Credentials and Access Security Integration

Moderator: Andrew Sheedy, Sales Manager, Government, IAM, HID Global

  • Standardizing Usage of PIV Derived Credentials – David Coley, Intercede
  • Derived Credentials Delivered and in Use at DHS – Mark Dale, Xtec
  • Using Multiple Identity Attributes for Mobile Authentication – Speaker to be announced

2:45 – 3:15


3:15 – 4:30

PANEL: How To Plan, Procure, and Deploy PIV-Enabled PACS: Use Cases and Lessons Learned

This session will be a discussion panel lead by the Secure Technology Alliance Access Control Council and features a panel of government and industry experts discussing lessons learned from their involvement in deployments of PIV-enabled PACS.

Moderator: Lars Suneborn, Director of Training, Secure Technology Alliance

Panelists:  Tony Damalas, SigNet Technologies, Convergint Federal Solutions; Michael Kelley, Parsons; Stafford Mahfouz, TYCO; William Windsor, U.S. Department of Homeland Security


Conference adjourns


Over 2 days, these 12 different sessions and more than 30 speakers will deliver an in-depth view of the future of federal government policies and technology developments for securing federal identity and access control of facilities and network systems. Experts from the federal government and the security industry will fill the conference agenda and exhibits area to address the present and future direction of the government’s efforts to manage identities and control access across all federal agencies.

Bassam Al-Khalidi

Co-CEO & Principle Consultant, Axiad IDS

    Bassam has over 15 years of experience in designing and deploying Identity and Access Management solutions across large government, enterprise and healthcare organizations. Bassam is a leading expert in CAC/PIV SmartCard and PKI deployment and has been involved in multiple enterprise-class ID badge deployments over the last several years. He has held a variety of management and senior technical roles for established industry leaders, including ActivIdentity.

    Benjamin Andreas

    Director of Sales, XTec

      Ben Andreas leads XTec’s account management team and brings over 15 years of government security and identity management knowledge and experience. Ben has worked with numerous federal agencies and organizations to deploy enterprise credentialing solutions to meet federal mandates and deliver end to end security solutions. Over the last 5 years Ben has focused on the evolution of digital credentials on mobile devices working with NIST, government agencies, and technology partners to move the security provided by PIV credentials to mobile platforms.

      Damon Becknel

      CISO, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ

        Omar Chavez

        Chief, Office of Security Systems, United States Marshals Services

          David Coley

          Senior Solution Architect, Intercede

            David Coley has over 20 years experience supporting US Government technical solutions in mobility and security. Throughout his career David has served in technical sales, SME, and product management roles with companies ranging from mobile device manufacturers, to systems integrators, and small mobile security app companies. He has consistently worked to help support an ever increasing mobile Government workforce. He currently serves as Sr. Solution Architect for Intercede with a focus on strong identity for mobile use cases.

            Tony Damalas

            VP - ICAM Professional Services, SigNet Technologies

              Tony Damalas has over 40 years of security industry experience and currently serves as Principal Architect for Stanley Security Solutions’ Government Security Group. He is responsible for Stanley’s qualifications and compliance effort for the federal government’s Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD 12) program, along with similar commercial programs associated with and modeled after the Federal Identity, Credential and Access Management initiative. He is a senior technology lead for emerging technology platforms such as PSIM (Physical Security Information Management), and PIAM (Physical Identity and Access Management), biometrics, physical and logical systems convergence and various identity authentication solutions. Damalas has a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Engineering degree from Old Dominion University. He holds memberships in related industry associations, such as: The American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS), the Security Industry Associations (SIA) and the Smart Card Alliance. He is a Certified Smart Card Industry Professional/government (CSCIP/G) and a Certipath Certified ICAM PACS Engineer. Damalas resides in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

              Hildegard Ferraiolo

              Computer Scientist, NIST

                Hildegard Ferraiolo is a Computer Scientist at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) where she is the  lead for the PIV Program activities including the recent completed revision 2 of Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201—the standard for identity verification of federal employees and contractors. She coordinates PIV related activities with the HSPD-12 Support Team, the FICAM Test Program and the Government Smart Cards-Interagency Advisory Board. Hildegard co-authored and developed several NIST publications in the FIPS 201 standard suite, including SP 800-73 Interfaces for Personal Identity Verification, SP 800-85A/B Derived Test Requirements for PIV Cards/Middleware and the forthcoming SP 800-157 Derived PIV Credentials. Prior to leading the PIV Program, Hildegard launched the NIST Personal Identity Verification test program (NPIVP), resulting in the full accreditation of ten independent test laboratories and (to date) validation of over 70 PIV Middleware and Card applications products.

                Christine Finnelle

                Deputy Assistant Director, Information Technology Division, United States Marshals Services

                  Ms. Finnelle has over 28 years of Information Technology (IT) leadership experience spanning research, design, engineering, product development, operations and program management. She currently is the Deputy Assistant Director for the Information Technology Division at United States Marshals Service (USMS) with oversight of the IT Core Infrastructure, Service Delivery and Enterprise Applications. She has successfully integrated many enterprise programs in support of the varied USMS missions.

                  Darleen Gore

                  General Services Administration

                    Paul Grassi

                    SVP of Cybersecurity, Easy Dynamics Corp

                      Paul Grassi is the SVP of Cybersecurity for Easy Dynamics Corp. Mr. Grassi is responsible to helping clients mature effective cybersecurity programs via an appropriate mixture of policy, process, technology, and operations. Prior to joining EDC, he was the Senior Standards and Technology Advisor and Lead for Digital Identity at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Mr. Grassi has a broad background of technology and management consulting, and significant experience developing enterprise security strategies and systems, having served a range of Fortune 500 companies, as well as domestic and foreign governments.

                      Ian Grossman

                      Vice President of Membership Services and Public Affairs, AAMVA

                        Brandon Iske

                        Mobile Enablement/Purebred Lead, DoD Public Key Infrastructure/Enablement | DISA

                          Anil John

                          Cyber Security R&D Program Manager, US Department of Homeland Security

                            Anil John is the Program Manager for the Identity Management and Data Privacy Research, Development and Transition Program in the Cyber Security Division for the Homeland Security Advanced Research Projects Agency (HSARPA) at the DHS Science and Technology Directorate. The Identity Management and Data Privacy Programs help government program managers with the public and private sector research and development expertise and resources needed to enhance the security and trustworthiness of their programs. In cases where such technologies do not exist or under development, the programs make the necessary investments in applied research, advanced development and technology transition to ensure their availability to the Homeland Security Enterprise.

                            Judy Keator


                              Michael Kelley

                              Parsons Principal Electronic Security System Technical Specialist

                                Tom Lockwood

                                Strategic Initiatives/Business Development, NextGenID

                                  Secure Technology Alliance Board Member, Member of the Executive Committee, and Chairman of the Identity Council. Tom is active in promotion and application of trusted computing to create value, solve challenges, and promote quality of life and service. Tom’s executive leadership and design-build experiences span public and private sectors including public safety, security, defense, transportation, chemical, pharmaceutical, and food sectors. He is a member of the Preparedness Leadership Council, Advisory Board of DomPrep Magazine; a Brookings Legis Fellow; a graduate of the Harvard Business School and class chairman; and Past-President of the Navy’s Association of Scientists and Engineers.

                                  Stafford Mahfouz


                                    Cathy Medich

                                    Director, Strategic Programs, Secure Technology Alliance

                                      Cathy Medich is Director of Strategic Programs for the Smart Card Alliance and Associate Director of the U.S. Payments Forum. In these roles, she manages strategic marketing and industry initiatives and directs industry council and working committee activities. Cathy has over 20 years of experience in marketing and strategic planning for technology businesses, including consulting engagements or positions with Hewlett-Packard, VeriSign, Verifone and CommerceNet. Cathy has B.S. and M.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from M.I.T. and an M.B.A. from the Wharton Graduate School.

                                      Will Morrison

                                      Manager, Infrastructure Protection Policy and Programs Division (AXF-100) & Chair of the ISC’s Convergence Subcommittee, Federal Aviation Administration

                                        Will Morrison chairs the Department of Homeland Security’s Interagency Security Committee’s Convergence Subcommittee. Before beginning his federal civil service career, Will served as a security and telecommunications specialist for the Coast Guard, retiring with over 22 years of active duty service. He also serves as an adjunct professor in the American Public University System’s School of Security and Global Studies, where he teaches courses in Homeland Security. He holds a Doctorate of Philosophy in Homeland Security Leadership and Policy. He also maintains international certification from the American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) International as a Certified Protection Professional (CPP).

                                        Jeff Nigriny

                                        President, CertiPath

                                          For the past 14 years he has served as the founder and President of CertiPath, the highest assurance trust framework globally. CertiPath is committed to helping customers reduce the cost and increase the reliability and scalability of identity assurance. While at CertiPath, Jeff was the primary author and proponent of the first Digital ID law in America, passed in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Prior to CertiPath, Jeff spent a decade as the Chief Security Officer at Exostar helping secure supply chain interaction in the Aerospace and Defense Industry. Jeff graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science and American University with a Master of Science. He also holds the CISSP and SSCP certifications.

                                          Andrew Sheedy

                                          Sales Manager, Government, IAM, HID Global

                                            James Sheire

                                            Director, FICAM, GSA

                                              James Sheire serves as Director of the Federal Identity, Credential, and Access Management (FICAM) Program at the General Services Administration (GSA). Sheire oversees and directs the development of policies and services for identity and access management to support Federal government cybersecurity initiatives and enable secure online service delivery to citizens, including serving as Co-Chair of the Federal CIO Council ICAM Subcommittee. Sheire draws on fifteen years of program, innovation, and strategy management experience in the federal government and the private sector, including recently as Senior Advisor to the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and previously as a Legislative Assistant to US Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR).

                                              Drew Sindlinger

                                              DHS - TSA

                                                Judith Spencer

                                                PMA Chair, Certipath

                                                  Judith Spencer is the Chair, CertiPath Policy Management Authority. She manages the CertiPath Bridge Certification Authority, which provides the federated trust environment for industry, including the Aerospace-Defense community. Previously, Ms. Spencer was Chair of the Federal PKI Policy Authority and co-Chair of the Federal CIO Council’s ICAM Subcommittee, building cross-organizational consensus on matters related to identity management and the implementation of HSPD-12. She continues to champion high assurance identity credentials in the federated environment.

                                                  Mark Steffler

                                                  Government Practice Manager, IAMS, HID Global

                                                    Mark Steffler leads the Federal Government Practice for HID/Quantum Secure and is active in the Secure Technology Alliance Identity and Access Councils and also in the Security Industry Association (SIA) government initiatives. Mark graduated with an electrical engineering and computer science degree from the University of Texas and has spent the last 20 years in both commercial and government enterprise security practices. For the last eight years, Mark has focused on helping government enterprise align with the Federal Identity Credential and Access Management (FICAM) initiative, and more recently the Continuous Diagnostic Mitigation Program (CDM) as it relates to physical access and security.

                                                    Lars Suneborn

                                                    Director of Training Programs, Secure Technology Alliance

                                                      During his 30 + year career in the security industry, Mr. Suneborn have served in various capacities with HIRSCH Electronics, Oberthur Technologies and Smart Card Alliance. Lars has become recognized as a Physical Access Control System (PACS) subject matter leader. As Director of Government Program with HIRSCH, Suneborn was deeply involved with PACS design and deployment for a wide variety of US, Canadian and British Security agencies in high-risk, high consequence sites nationally and worldwide. As part of security agencies desire to achieve internal self-sufficiency for long-term sustainability Suneborn developed and conducted customized agency specific week-long training courses and courseware as well as Train-the-Trainer programs for such agencies. wide. Suneborn was often specifically requested by name for specialized training requirements. As Director of the Smart Card Alliance Training Programs, Suneborn leading development and conducting ICAM E-PACS Certification Course for Federal and commercial System Engineers, Program Managers and Procurement officers and is assisting US agencies in their efforts to achieve HSPD-12- FICAM compliance. Suneborn is a frequent speaker and was for nearly six years, Chair of the SCA ACC.

                                                      Randy Vanderhoof

                                                      Executive Director, Secure Technology Alliance

                                                        Randy Vanderhoof is the Executive Director of the Secure Technology Alliance. The Secure Technology Alliance is a not-for-profit, multi-industry association working to stimulate the understanding, adoption and widespread application of secure solutions, including smart cards, embedded chip technology, and related hardware and software across a variety of markets including authentication, commerce and Internet of Things (IoT). The Secure Technology Alliance, formerly known as the Smart Card Alliance, invests heavily in education on the appropriate uses of secure technologies to enable privacy and data protection and open forums for end users and industry stakeholders in payments, mobile, healthcare, identity and access, transportation, and the IoT in the U.S. and Latin America.

                                                        William Windsor

                                                        IT Program Manager, DHS

                                                          William (Bill) Windsor serves as a Deputy Director of the Enterprise Security Services Division (ESSD), Security Compliance and Integration Office (EICO). As the Deputy Director, assists the Office of Chief Security Officer in the planning, implementation, and leadership of the identity authentication and access management for physical access control. Bill’s primary role is the leading DHS PACS Modernization for the Department, this includes the refinement of the DHS Physical Access Control System (PACS) Modernization Strategy with the goal of presenting it to the DHS Joint Requirements Council (JRC) for prioritization.

                                                          View the 2017 Agenda and 2017 Speakers.

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                                                          • FICAM roadmap and testing programs
                                                          • Evolving NIST standards
                                                          • Cyber threats and mitigation programs


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